About Astron



ASTRON project aims at the design and development of an integrated optical transceiver (Tx/Rx) that will enable the wide and cost-efficient deployment of flexible core and access networks. The main features of the Tx/Rx will be the followings:

• Reconfigurable bandwidth allocation using either Optical OFDM or Nyquist WDM topology.

• Programmable modulation formats (BPSK, QPSK, 16-QAM)

• Programmable data rate Programmable FEC (offering tunability of the ratio of the actual payload to the FEC)

• Energy-efficiency by incorporating state-of-art digital, analog, mixed-signal and optical components into an integrated platform.

• Design for manufacturability using components that can be easily produced at low cost embedded into a compatible package.

The implementation of such a system and its use in the existing core networks will provide a low-power and low-cost alternative to the use of expensive and power hungry transceivers made from discrete components. The transmitter and receiver modules will be packaged into a small form factor module in order to be compatible with the current network devices.




ASTRON has set specific objectives that focus on the design and development of all the necessary optical and electronic components as well state of the art algorithms to implement the software defined transmitter and receiver modules.

1. Development of modeling and simulation tools to define system and parameters specifications with respect to green aspects and cost.

2. Design and fabrication of all optical IDFT/DFT AWG-based structures.

3. Development and fabrication of InP-based twin IQ Mach-Zehnder modulator chips.

4. Development of advanced hybrid integration platform.

5. Design and development of integrated multi-channel transmitter module.

6. Design and development of integrated optical coherent receiver module.

7. Development of novel software defined Signal Processing modules.

8. Development of state-of-the-art DSP techniques.

9. ASTRON technology exploitation.

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